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Marieke Schoningh joins Chrysalix' Advisory Board

A new addition to our Advisory Board to further strengthen our ambitions to invest in industrial innovation

Fred van Beuningen

Sep 5, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our Advisory Board, Marieke Schoningh. With an impressive track record as a Chief Operating Officer and Executive on several Managing Boards, including prominent organizations like SHV Energy, DSP, and DSM, Marieke brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.

Throughout her career, Marieke has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to companies prioritizing sustainable economic development as a central pillar of their strategy. Marieke has actively contributed to the success of organizations operating in low-carbon and renewable energy solutions, sustainable production of antibiotics and statins, and the realms of life science and material science.

"We are very pleased that Marieke agreed to join Chris Hartshorn, Jim Nyquist, and Stefan Heck as Advisory board members," says Managing Partner Fred van Beuningen. "She has extensive board and management experience in specialty chemicals and energy and has been focused on business scale-up and innovation in most of her roles. Her global experience and strong orientation on team development will greatly benefit our portfolio companies and corporate partners".

Chrysalix is delighted to extend a warm welcome to Marieke as she joins our team, and we look forward to the invaluable contributions she will undoubtedly make to our journey of fostering sustainable growth and innovation. Her presence reinforces our commitment to leading positive change across hard-to-abate industries.

Welcome, Marieke!