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Apr 23, 2023


What are cookies?

Cookies are little (text) files which are stored on your computer. Your web browser stores these cookies when you visit our Website: These cookies will be retrieved when you visit our Website again. This allows us to recognise you as a previous visitor.

Why do we use cookies?

By using cookies, we can see how our Website is used and how we can optimise our Website and services. Cookies are also helpful to make the Website quick and safe. In addition, cookies by us or by third parties can be used to show you relevant advertisement based on your interests. See the table below for the specific purposes of each cookie we use.

Which cookies do we use? 


We have a legitimate interest to use the personal data collected via these cookies, namely to make our Website work properly and securely.  

PARTYNAME(S)FUNCTION/PURPOSERETENTION PERIODChrysalixfont_css_cachefont_css_cache_fileThese cookies are part of a bundle of cookies which serve the purpose of content delivery and presentation. The cookies keep the correct state of font, blog/picture sliders, color themes and other website settings. PersistentGooglePlease consult this Google Policy for more information._GRECAPTCHAThis cookie is used to distinguish between humans and bots. 179 daysrc::arc::b rc::c These cookies are used to distinguish between humans and bots.  Session


We ask for your consent to use these cookies. You may always withdraw your consent 

[include link to Cookie Settings also included in the Cookie Banner, see below].

PARTYNAMEFUNCTION/PURPOSERETENTION PERIODChrysalix_gaCalculates visitor, session and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site's analytics report. The cookie assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.2 years _gat_gtag_UA_37586950_1Set by Google to distinguish users.1 minute _gidStores information on how visitors use our Website, while also creating an analytics report of the Website's performance. Some of the data that are collected include the number of visitors, their source, and the pages they visit.1 day

Can I delete the cookies?

Yes, you may delete the cookies yourself in your internet browser. 

If you don’t want cookies to be send to your device at all, you may change this via the cookie settings in your internet browser. Please keep in mind that some of the functions and services on the Website might not function (as good) without cookies.

Amendments to this Cookie Statement

This Cookie Statement may be amended from time to time. The most recent version of this Cookie Statement applies. We advise you to read this Cookie Statement regularly to see if there are any changes.  

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Cookie Banner

We use functional cookies to ensure the proper functioning of our Website and keep our Website quick and safe. By using analytical cookies, we can see how our Website is used and how we can optimise our Website and services. For more information about these cookies, you can read our Cookie Statement [add link]. 

Functional cookies 

        Analytical/statistical cookies

Internal instructions: 

  • Under the privacy legislation, separate consent must be requested for each type of processing. In this case, separate consent for analytical/statistical cookies applies.

  • The checkbox for analytical cookies may not be ticked in advance. The Website visitor must do this him or herself. Otherwise, the consent is not considered active and unambiguous (this is required for valid consent). Make sure that consent is logged, so that you have proof that consent was actually given.

  • The checkbox for functional cookies may be ticked in advance, because consent is not required for this type of cookie. You can either provide an opt-out or make it impossible to uncheck the box (if the cookies are necessary for the website to function - see also comment above).

  • The analytical cookies may only be placed on the device of the visitor after consent has been given (and therefore not immediately when the Website is opened). In practice, this often goes wrong so make sure the back end of the Website is programmed properly.

  • Data subjects (i.e. Website visitors) may withdraw their consent at any time. Make sure that a data subject is able to withdraw his/her consent (by including a link to the Cookie Settings in the Cookie Statement for example, see above) and that when a data subject has withdrawn his/her consent - this is actually processed in the back end.