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Chrysalix Venture Capital Announces Strategic Partnership With Carnegie Mellon University

Apr 10, 2018

Chrysalix Venture Capital, one of the most active industrial innovation venture capital firms, and Carnegie Mellon University, a leading institute for intelligent systems research, today announced a strategic partnership as part of Chrysalix’s global academic network and innovation ecosystem. This partnership is an important step towards developing a proprietary brain trust to solve some of the biggest challenges facing resource intensive industries in transition where Chrysalix specializes, including oil and gas, electric power and utilities, mining, chemicals and materials, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation and mobility.

“Carnegie Mellon University is a world-renowned hub for intelligent systems research. Having them as our partner further enhances Chrysalix’s ability to find innovative solutions for resource efficiency and energy innovation, while providing commercialization opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and strengthening the local start-up ecosystem,” said Wal van Lierop, Founder and Managing Partner of Chrysalix Venture Capital.

“What sets us apart from other schools of robotics is that our students and faculty are always thinking about how our systems will work in the real world. What need does it fill? Who will use it? Chrysalix helps answer these questions and puts real money behind projects with high potential,” said Martial Hebert, Director of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon.

Many of today’s industries face market-led challenges that demand innovative solutions that can simultaneously lower costs while increasing productivity and sustainability. To address these challenges, Chrysalix works alongside its network of corporate limited partners to identify incentive challenges; and its academic partners to access leading research and new ideas, discover solutions and create new companies. Carnegie Mellon will be a valuable addition to this network as a cornerstone partner, which already includes TU Delft in the Netherlands and the University of Waterloo in Canada.