Portfolio Update

Chrysalix Venture Capital Announces New Investment In Helmee Imaging, Developers Of A Quality Intelligence Platform For The Inspection Of High Gloss Surfaces

May 3, 2022

Chrysalix announces a new investment in Helmee Imaging, developers of a quality intelligence platform for the inspection of high gloss curved parts in the automotive and consumer electronics sectors. Helmee’s solution combines novel CSD (Covered Stereo Deflectometry) machine vision, data and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable improved yields, throughput and traceability through real time insights and decision support.

Until now, the quality inspection of high gloss parts has primarily been done by manual visual inspection and can vary significantly between different people, parts and manufacturing processes. By automating the inspection process of glossy surfaced parts, Helmee enables defect detection of 95% – 99.97%, marking a vast improvement over the current manual inspection processes, with defect detection performance varying between 65% – 90%.

“Automation, data and AI are integral to the factory of the future,” said Alfred Lam, Partner at Chrysalix Venture Capital. “Helmee’s quality intelligence platform is designed for speed, consistency and accuracy, and offers inspection flexibility and scalability in a single system that far surpasses the current human inspection processes.”

“Surface quality inspection is a multi-billion dollar market opportunity,” said Mika-Petteri Kuro, CEO of Helmee Imaging. “We are excited to work with Chrysalix as they not only bring funding, but also the experience and network to help build Helmee into a global leader in quality data and inspection services.”

The Chrysalix RoboValley Fund invests in intelligent systems, Industry 4.0 and the Factory of the Future, enabled by AI, IoT and sensor technologies to achieve significant improvements in productivity and critical business processes. Investors in the fund include Fortune 500 companies, leading corporates, financial institutions, family offices and universities. For more information about Helmee, please visit helmee.com.