Portfolio Update

Chrysalix Portfolio Company HaiLa Completes US$5 Million Funding Round

Jan 10, 2023

HaiLa is a portfolio company in the Chrysalix RoboValley Industry 4.0 fund and is developing a low power WiFi semiconductor solution for the IoT market.  The company envisions a world with billions of low power WiFi IoT sensors that connect, monitor and better manage machines, living spaces, and environments. Their vision is a world where IoT sensors can operate forever without the need for power.

In October 2022, HaiLa successfully completed a US$5 million funding round, with those funds being focused on hiring new product management and sales skills, completion of the next version of its product, and enabling the next phase of its prototype development with key customers in building automation and industrial markets.

Chrysalix Partner Greg Allen comments “Chrysalix was pleased to show continued support of HaiLa by participating in this funding round. Thank you to our co-investment partners in ensuring the success of the round and also to the HaiLa team for ensuring that its product development and customer discovery progress underpinned investor support.”