Are you working on the next big idea?

Innovation for large industrial markets can lead to big wins but the path to success is hard. Even when technology breakthroughs are proven, often the greatest challenge is to unlock markets characterized by conservative customers and slow sales cycles. Our global team comprises experienced technology investors, entrepreneurs and operators with industrial sector expertise.

Our goal is to support startups to bigger and accelerated outcomes by offering strategic assistance, particularly:

  • Unique market insight and sophisticated go to market strategies.
  • Introductions to customers, partners, other investors and top talent.

We love early stage opportunities where ideas and teams are still taking shape but can invest at a late stage too. We cover North America and Europe, and we can lead or syndicate with others.

What we look for:

  • Attractive markets with billion dollar opportunities.
  • Compelling customer value proposition.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Start of a strong team.
The interactions, advice and support from the Chrysalix team has exceeded my expectations. They have truly “walked the walk” when saying they provide more to start-up management than merely financial assistance. They’ve offered thoughtful guidance on key start-up challenges and introduced me to various parties in the mining ecosystem that have added value to our company. They’ve also done a good job of bringing together the CEOs of their portfolio companies through monthly roundtable discussions and other activities. Chrysalix is the kind of partner you want at the early stages of your company development.
— Dustin Angelo, President and CEO, Novamera
Chrysalix recognized very early on the potential of Svante to become a key technology provider to create a commercially viable carbon capture market. They have supported us strongly by introducing key investors from their network, including the OCGI, and helping to raise our profile in the media. Chrysalix is truly much more than an early stage investor, they are a valued partner and they continue to support the company wherever they can, both strategically and operationally.
— Claude Letourneau, President & CEO, Svante Inc.
Chrysalix’s network of industry experts, financing sources and influencers has a global reach. These connections have been key to accelerating General Fusion’s progress and making us a world leader in fusion energy.
— Christopher Mowry, CEO, General Fusion
The benefits we have gained through working with Chrysalix include introductions to a global network of investors, active assistance in financing rounds, positioning and marketing our value proposition, and access to senior strategic advisors to help craft our business road map. Chrysalix has helped in developing key relationships with potential investors and customers.
— Jeff More, CEO, Minesense
Chrysalix recognised early on the technological advances of our core IP and has played a vital role in our progression from 2008 start-up to now being recognized as the leader in the gallium nitride power transistor market. The relationship between Chrysalix and our management team has been outstanding, with a mutually supportive approach to building the business.
— Jim Witham, CEO, Gan Systems

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