Nuclear fusion power plants could end our dependency on fossil fuels and provide a virtually limitless, highly efficient source of clean energy and our portfolio company General Fusion is at the forefront.

The economics of energy cannot be denied: We are entering a post-carbon economy. The energy transition is underway. The question is, how will Canada’s economy continue to thrive?

Our portfolio company Primus Power is developing energy storage solutions that will play a crucial role in the future of energy.

Our partners at the TU Delft robotics institute are experts in open source robot software and its integration into market-driven applications.

Chrysalix sets itself apart with an intensive corporate engagement model that is focused on market-driven applications.

Our partnership with TU Delft and RoboValley gives us direct access to a unique ecosystem that has a broad spectrum of relevant technologies for future applications in robotics.

How do we define robotics? The Chrysalix RoboValley Fund is interested in robotic technologies that augment and extend human capabilities, not replace them.

Chrysalix has one of the most intensive corporate engagement models. We work closely with our Limited Partners to identify the biggest challenges in their business that have the potential for the biggest impact by automation and intelligent systems, and then go out and find the relevant technologies that can be deployed.

The Chrysalix RoboValley Fund will invest in game-changing robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT, sensors and enabling technology companies that will fundamentally transform the world's largest industries. This is Chrysalix's second fund focused on industrial innovation.

Wal Van Lierop, President and CEO of Chrysalix Venture Capital, shares the urgent need for sustainable innovation in traditional resource based industries.

Chrysalix is proud to work with a game-changing external innovation engine like MineSense. Andrew Bamber, Founder & CTO of MineSense and Jeff More, President & CEO of MineSense share how their breakthrough technology can improve a mining company’s bottom line and overall sustainability.

Mark Dudzinski is an Advisor with Chrysalix and is the former CMO of GE Energy. He shares the reason why Chrysalix Venture Capital is successful in identifying smart investment opportunities in the energy sector.

Matthias Bichsel currently serves as an Advisor to Chrysalix and is a former Shell Executive Committee Member. Chrysalix is proud to rely on his long standing expertise in the oil and gas sector to understand the need to be more innovative in the current times.

David Allsworth, CFO of Glass Point, shares his views with Chrysalix Venture Capital on the urgent need for innovation in the oil and gas sector.

Wal Van Lierop, President and CEO of Chrysalix Venture Capital describes how sustainability provides an enormous opportunity for businesses.

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