Modular cost effective energy storage.

Problem Primus is Solving

Stabilizing and supporting the electric power grid of the twenty-first century.

The Primus Solution

Smart grid storage with long duration flow batteries. Their systems scale from 20kW (behind the meter for commercial and industrial applications) to multi-MW utility scale and have exceptional energy density with no degradation, even with deep cycling.

Why Chrysalix invested

Energy storage as a distributed energy resource is often described as the missing link of the electric power grid. Back in 2009, Chrysalix did a deep dive to anticipate the future evolution of energy storage applications and what that meant for the ideal emerging technology. Primus Power’s solution has valuable differentiated characteristics and a path to outstanding low cost.

Primus’s Biggest Strength

“Duration without degradation” at low cost.

Implication When Successful

As intermittent renewable generation increases penetration, adding appropriate flexibility and capacity is becoming critical. Energy storage with enabling new functionality will be a very valuable tool to support the grid. The lower the cost of the storage, the greater the range of economically viable applications.