Industrial Internet of Things for smart metal mining.

Problem MineSense is Solving

Falling industry productivity and escalating mining costs from falling ore grades.

The MineSense Solution

MineSense improves metal mining margins by turning “rock into data”. Sensor-based sorting systems divert rock according to value to upgrade the concentration of metal ores.

Why Chrysalix invested

A major challenge in the mining industry right now is that the most attractive ore bodies have already been exploited and the decline in ore grades is affecting every aspect of productivity (energy, labor, capital, water intensity). Preconcentrating ore in the upstream process, avoiding processing barren waste downstream, represents a genuine step change and is one the biggest economic levers available.

MineSense Biggest Strength

MineSense sensor technology has a number of unique characteristics that are essential to the tough challenge of sorting dilute metal ores with the capacity and robustness that the industry demands.

Implication When Successful

This innovation can really move the needle financially for mining companies. Equally important, it can help improve the environmental footprint of mining with greatly enhanced energy and water efficiency, as well as reduced mine tailings.