Developer's of the world's only viable small form factor battery replacement providing enormous run-time improvements for today's consumer electronics.



Problem they are Solving?

Limited battery life of portable electronic devices.

Their Solution?

Unique power systems using MEMs technology on a silicon chip resulting in unparalleled performance and weeks of runtime.

Chrysalix take from Portfolio Manager, Mike Sherman


1. What is the insight that led to Chrysalix investing?

The increasing functionality of portable electronics with always-on connectivity is being strangled by the capability of today’s battery technology. In order to effectively replacing the battery in portable electronics you must provide a radical increase in performance.


2. What is the company’s biggest strength?

Lilliputian has an outstanding technical team of MEMs experts pushing the boundaries of current technology capabilities. They have successfully applied world leading expertise in many disciplines to produce completely unique power systems with unparalleled performance.


3. What is the implication of this company being successful?


Lilliputian could realize the vision of always on computing and connectivity and enabling the backlog of functionality in smart phones and other portable electronics devices currently limited by insufficient power. Lilliputian allows weeks of runtime without ever needing a plug, and instant recharge with the click of a cartridge.


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