Developers of integrated control & power electronics that reduce the barriers to LED adoption.



Problem they are Solving?

The need for more affordable LED control solutions to advance Solid State Lighting (SSL) adoption and reduce energy use overall.

Their Solution?

Unique suite of LED Drivers offering the best quality of light, and most control input and power output compatibility with advanced functionality enabled by their custom IC.


Chrysalix take from Portfolio Manager, Richard MacKellar


1. What is the insight that led to Chrysalix investing?

Solid state lighting (SSL) through the use of LEDs will replace incandescent and fluorescent within the next decade and become a $50-100 billion market. The timing will depend up the overall system cost: i.e. it is not just the LED cost that is impeding adoption but also the drivers (power conversion), controls, heat sinks and packaging.


LBT drives at the heart of cost reduction required to accelerate the timing of SSL adoption. By demonstrating their linear control technology the company should be an attractive acquisition target for lighting companies, control companies and LED companies.


2. What is the company’s biggest strength?

The company has build high performance at low cost in a package that meets the majority of the needs to the SSL industry for both standard lighting control requirements and customized control requirements. It is in the process of building a strong intellectual property portfolio around its core technology.


3. What is the implication of this company being successful?

LBT being successful will accelerate the world-wide adoption of SSL, saving significant power costs. LBT being successful will likely lead to a high value exit to a leading supplier in the lighting, control of LED industry.


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