The established leader in 360° smart water management solutions backed by 23 independent studies & a customer base of Fortune 500 companies.



Problem they are Solving?

The global water crisis and the excessive use of water for irrigation.


Their Solution?

Satellite-based intelligent irrigation management systems that save property owners money, time, and water while enhancing their property values and protecting the environment.


Chrysalix take from Portfolio Manager, Wal Van Lierop


1. What is the insight that led to Chrysalix investing?

Water is an increasingly scarce resource that consumes an incredible amount of energy and cost in pumping treating and purifying for use. The ability to do this much more intelligently and precisely has huge environmental benefits in energy and water savings as well as some of the quickest paybacks and highest ROIs to customers of any green initiative.


2. What is the company’s biggest strength?

Their technology works and the economic value proposition is strong. An average Hydropoint solution saves 60% of commercial water bills with a payback of less than 18 months (often less tan a year). Their products and services are proven and have become a leading component of environmental and cost reduction initiatives across many fortune 500 companies.


3. What is the implication of this company being successful?

Commercial properties alone consume millions gallons of water a year, with huge embedded energy cost of pumping and treating. At an average water reduction of 60% the environmental benefits of Hydropoint’s technology in a world with increasing scarcity of clean water are immense.


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“Chrysalix has been instrumental in introducing us to other investors and helping us with financing. They have also introduced us to customers which has helped with the growth of our company.”

Chris Spain – Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Hydropoint

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