Developers of the most complete line of gallium nitride power switching solutions for a variety of markets.

Problem GaN Systems is Solving

Roughly 10% of all the electricity generated around the world is lost as heat through inefficient power conversion.

The GaN Systems Solution

Eliminate this waste through their proprietary and very high efficiency Gallium Nitride-based power conversion semiconductors, providing much higher performance at equal or lower cost.

Why Chrysalix Invested

GaN Systems is currently the leader in commercializing GaN power switches and poised to disrupt the $15 billion market for power semiconductors devices, currently dominated by traditional silicon MOSFETS & IGBTs. The company is completely fabless operating at the design level, producing the highest performing and broadest range of products in terms of current and voltage range. Silicon’s performance has peaked at the same time worldwide demand for digital power supplies have skyrocketed with the expansion of data centers, consumer electronics, electric vehicles and solar power. GaN Systems technology provides the ultimate solution to meet the requirements of higher efficiency, smaller size, lower weight and lower cost of power modules.

GaN Systems Biggest Strength

GaN Systems has leveraged the rapid cost reduction and commoditization of GaN on Silicon wafers originally developed for mobile phone radio frequency antennas and LEDs. They have combined these low cost, high performance semiconductor innovations with completely new and patented power electronics designs enabling 75% reductions in the size and weight of power electronics, at far higher efficiency and lower cost.

Implication When Successful

Electric vehicles with longer range, higher performance and lower cost. More efficient data centers, solar inverters, industrial motors and consumer electronics with lower weight and smaller size.