Fat Spaniel provides solar ecosystem participants with key tools to allow for more efficient design, installation, and monitoring of their solar installations. The company has become the largest central repository of solar performance information in the world. The solar value chain is now able to compete more effectively by leveraging this information for further growth.


Why We invested: 

Fat Spaniel is the nerve system of the solar ecosystem led by a visionary founder. Information Services have grown to be a key part of all major hardware based businesses over the last 40 years, and even more so for distributed businesses. Solar is no exception and the “Lifecycle Management” concept is key to driving down overall costs in a competitive market.

Company’s Biggest Strength:

Fat Spaniel is, by far, the leader in its space, by any measure. They will continue to leverage on this market position and provide more services to their customers as the market evolves.

Implication When Successful:

As the solar industry strives to grow, and reduce costs to achieve “grid parity”, a solid backbone of information systems will be critical to this success. Fat Spaniel is the outright leader in this space, and will continue to develop its product offerings to assist its customers to drive costs even lower. This will ultimately lead to the widespread adoption of solar technologies.