Capital light grid interoperability.

Problem Enbala is Solving

With the massive influx of distributed energy resources over the past five years, utilities are facing greater risks of destabilization than ever before. In addition, asset owners - both the grid and customers of the grid - are demanding new business models to monetize existing assets.

The Enbala Solution

A best-in-class software platform that optimizes electricity supply and demand using networks of load-side assets and storage, as well as generation. 

Why Chrysalix invested

During a series of “Deep Dive” studies on Smart Grid and The Future of the Grid, Chrysalix recognized a pain point that the grid was facing and identified loads as a logical, low-cost solution. When Enbala presented, we immediately saw the alignment with our own research.

Enbala’s Biggest Strength

Enbala’s biggest strength is its ability to optimize a complex problem and package it in such a way that it is non-intrusive to asset owners and highly valuable to both utilities and new energy service providers.

Implication When Successful

With Enbala’s success, we will see a more efficient grid operation, a lower cost of electricity, reduced GHG emissions and a new type of company that does not exist in the world today.