Creators of the first Smart Grid platform to pay electricity users to help manage the electric power system.



Problem they are Solving?

The power grid will need increased system regulation to match supply & demand as solar, wind, and electric vehicles come on line.

Their Solution?

A Smart Grid platform that changes the way system regulation and other ancillary services are provided by using load-side assets, rather than generation.


Chrysalix take from Portfolio Manager, Richard MacKellar


1. What is the insight that led to Chrysalix investing?
During a “deep dive” we undertook, we identified regulation as a high-value services for Independent Service Operators (ISOs) and identified loads as a logical, low-cost solution. When ENBALA presented, we immediately recognized the alignment with our own research.
2. What is the company’s biggest strength?
ENBALA’s ability to optimize a complex problem and package it in such a way that it’s non-intrusive to customers while providing with a new revenue stream.
3. What is the implication of this company being successful?
With ENBALA’s success, we’d be looking at more efficient grid operation, a lower cost of electricity, reduced GHG emissions, and a new type of company that does not exist in the world today.


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