Manufacturers of the industry's highest-efficiency PV solar cells with the lowest total cost of ownership.



Problem they are Solving?

The need to make solar energy more efficient and affordable for mass adoption.

Their Solution?

The industry’s highest-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) solar cells with the lowest cost of ownership.


Chrysalix take from Portfolio Manager, Jim Fletcher


1. What is the insight that led to Chrysalix investing?

The multitudes of Concentrating PV system developers have very few commercial cell suppliers. Cell efficiency at high concentration is a key factor to economic viability and adoption of CPV. Cyrium’s high-performance multi-junction solar cells with demonstrated performance of over 40% enable lower cost CPV systems.


2. What is the company’s biggest strength?

Proprietary IP for the device and process design leading to industry-leading efficiency and performance.


3. What is the implication of this company being successful?

Concentrating PV systems heavily leverage the performance of their solar cells. Increasing the efficiency not only increases the system performance but also reduces the cost of solar electricity bringing Cyrium’s customers market advantage. Large scale deployment of economical PV will reduce the world’s dependence on conventional high carbon energy sources.


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“Chrysalix was the lead investor in our A Round. They were there early in the game and patient during the development phase. They have added value and been straight shooters.”

Simon Fafard – Founder & CTO, Cyrium

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