A Solid-State Lighting (SSL) pioneer helping drive down the costs of LED lighting systems.

Problem Bridgelux is Solving

The need to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of traditional lighting.

The Bridgelux Solution

Unique LED-based arrays resulting in lower-cost, higher-performance Solid State Lighting (SSL) solutions.

Why Chrysalix invested

Bridgelux is one of a very eclectic group of companies that has the talent to produce world class epi for high performance LEDs. They have gone beyond any in the industry in integrating epi-design with the downstream die and light engines required to create the light source used in bulbs and light fixtures. This unique combination has not only led to the lowest cost per lumen of any supplier in the industry, but also a luminance and color consistency that is second to none.

Bridgelux’s Biggest Strength

The company has a strong management team with technical and marketing experience second to none. They combine world class design and manufacturing to produce the highest performance, lowest cost products in the industry. Their sustainable approach to constant product improvement will continuously drive down cost while enhancing performance, and has produced a strong and growing patent portfolio.

Implication When Successful

20% of energy costs today come in the form of lighting. The transition to SSL will cut out 70% of the energy we use for lighting. Bridgelux being successful will create a billion dollar company.